PDO Body Lift With PRF/PRP

1 day course – $1199

This comprehensive training on the application of the revolutionary Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) better known as “ultimate blood concentrate”  to create a much higher concentration of Growth factors and cytokines for a longer period of time. The Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) technique uses the latest generation of Smart Blood Concentrates to generate a complex Fibrin Matrix rich in Platelets, Leukocytes and Mesenchymal stem cells.

Our PRF training consists of demonstrating how to obtain the ultimate Blood Concentrate – full of growth factors and Cytokines – and of teaching attendees how to apply it for face and neck rejuvenation, hair re-growth & in the tear trough. Our faculty will demonstrate how to combine with PDO threads to further enhance and speed up the collagen induction therapy for body lift treatments. Step- by step USB will be supplied at completion of the course along with consents, and clinical data current studies.

  • Science of PRF and PDO threads review
  • Plasmolifting technology review
  • Discover the power of stem cell rejuvenation in a combo treatment
  • Choosing the right candidate for the combination treatment
  • Cosmetic facial rejuvenation using PRF
  • Injecting application of PRF using PDO threads to face and body
  • Choosing the right candidate for PRF
  • PRP procedure and versatility
  • Injection techniques of PRF to certain facial areas
  • Learn benefits of combination treatment with both modalities
  • Acne scarring and striate protocols
  • Comparison of companies offering PRF
  • Achieve proper phlebotomy techniques
  • PRF clinical data overview
  • Live patient assessment, diagnosing, and delivery of all products
  • Business, product fee structures, and ROI success
  • Observing live patients and injecting at least 2-3 models per attendee
  • All consents & treatment records provided to incorporate into your practice
  • One-on-one mentored instruction with our expert instructors