Advanced PDO Barb Lift Threads

1 day course – $599

This course is designed for the practitioner who has prior experience with PDO threads and desires to gain more comfort with live hands-on injection symposium. There will be a review of techniques for barb lifting threads both face and body. Placing Barb threads can be the most difficult technique and has the most variabity with results. This course will spend time placing barb PDO lifting threads to promote successful outcomes and happy patients. Learn techniques for both mesh collagen building and lifting with 4 hours of live injections.  CME/CE accreditation offered.

PDO lifting thread is a new approach that combines and compliments all other aesthetic treatments. PDO thread lifting threads is a new effective technology that uses absorbable threads of PDO. Discover a new, minimally-invasive method that offers a refined and natural looking lift.

Learn how to perform a non-surgical “Lunch hour lift” using the PDO Threads lifting system using lifting techniques with PDO Threads in less than 30 minutes. Designs and Schemes of PDO lifting threads for face rejuvenation presented.

This hands-on course will inform you of the latest approved technology and techniques and prepare you to perform PDO threading under supervision by licensed professionals in the field. Integrate PDO thread face-lift and mesh technique into your practice upon completing this course at the Aestra Institute, LLC.

Price includes live models and course supplies!

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Feb. 24th, 2019 $599.00 (USD)  

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March 30th, 2019 $599.00 (USD)  

  • Anatomy and physiology for proper placement of threads
  • Classification of thread lifting technology
  • Identify correct patient population for Barbed verses Mesh techniques
  • Biochemistry and degradation process of polydioxanone
  • PDO/ PLLA threads properties and how to combine in the same session
  • Types of FDA approved threads in USA
  • Principles of placing threads various Barb threads for lifting
  • Protocols for thread placement in the face and body for both mesh and lifting
  • Contraindications of PDO lifting threads
  • Recipes for success for PDO lifting threads
  • Complications of lifting threads and protocols for resolution
  • Live patient assessment, diagnosing, and delivery of all products
  • Observing live patients and injecting 2-3 models per attendee
  • One-on-one mentored instruction with our expert instructors